As Ebola in West Africa continues to infect and kill thousands of people, misinformation has many confused about the crisis. News2share sat down with Ambassador Bokari Stevens of Sierra Leone to find out exactly what is happening and what is being done to stop the spread of infection. Stevens compares this crisis to the civil war that was fought in Sierra Leone, calling it “very catastrophic and very devastating.”

A survivor of that civil war, Salifu Kamara, also speaks out in this video about the ebola crisis that has plagued his country. Kamara talks about the interpersonal connections between people in the region that has caused the disease to spread so quickly across West Africa. Both Kamara and the Ambassador plead for help as their country fights a new war.

Produced by Ford Fischer and Trey Yingst.

Cameras by Ford Fischer, Joanna Sobieski, and Trey Yingst

Featuring Salifu Kamara and Bockari Kortu Stevens

Edited by Ford Fischer with Additional Post-Production from Evie Lacroix, Wallis Neff and Greg Perlman

Footage Courtesy of AFP, CCTV, New York Times, United Methodist Church, and VICE with Royalty-Free Music From

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