Last week, News2share Producer Trey Yingst spent four days in Ferguson, covering the riots going on there. Please see our complete playlist of coverage from the Michael Brown/Ferguson situation, but here are some highlights below:

On his first night, while wearing a gas mask, Yingst was able to capture these moments of police using tear gas against the crowd:

The following night, Captain Ron Johnson took over and made the police far less violent. In one tense but civil exchange, he shared words with one masked protestor:

That following day, Trey was also able to send out a report about the local activism, including appearances from MLK III, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson:

You can see the Jackson interview below as well:

On his last night in Ferguson, violence escalated again as the National Guard was called in:

Towards the end of his visit, Yingst also went to the memorial at the site where Michael Brown was shot, and was able to get farther input from Jesse Jackson as well as Michael Brown’s Uncle: