Submitted by Jonathan Frost and Aaron [last name not given] this video shows their experience when participating in an open carry holding a AMD-65 and a Chinese Mosin Nagant.

Open carry is a long-existing trend that has picked up some attention recently. Generally, participants carry guns as allowed in their specific areas in public or into private establishments, as an act of protest against other gun laws or to celebrate their freedom to carry. Recently, as is pictured in the video below, many open carry advocates have carried long rifles such as AR-15s or, in this case, a AMD-65 and Chinese Mosin Nagant to protest their inability to carry handguns where it is not allowed. These encounters often cause some level of attention which can lead to police encounters.

Jonathan told me:

“Visiting a friend in Georgia, we decided to have an open carry walk. As avid libertarians, civil disobedience comes naturally. My first open carry stop was fairly interesting. Living in Florida, where open carry is outright banned, this event felt liberating to me. About one and a half times around the loop, two police cars showed up to the rear and ahead of us. I was sort-of eagerly waiting for this day to happen. I wasn’t surprised when Officer Skinner told us to surrender our weapons, we wouldn’t have any of this, but Aaron said we would only place them in the grass beside us. Aaron took out his cell phone, started recording, and handed it off to me; I let Aaron do most of the talking. Officer Skinner was rather tense throughout the encounter. We knew our rights and didn’t disclose our information without a reason; I personally didn’t have my wallet on me at the time. Skinner telling us that the event was going to be filed as a miscellaneous report, we only told the officer our names and addresses. Nothing outrageous occurred at the stop. The majority of the time was spent chatting up with Skinner’s assistant. He asked if our guns were loaded and if we were recording. To which, Aaron replied with, “of course, you’re looking for trouble if you carry around an unloaded gun”. And I replied the recording question with “Hell yeah! Accountability”. All in all, like I said: I found the scenario quite liberating in a certain light. If you take your natural rights seriously as a human being and choose not be a bitch (as in Mr. Adam Kokesh’s definition) to the state, you will probably find it just as liberating as I did.”

Aaron told me:

“Taking a walk around my neighborhood, my friend and I were open carrying, one AMD-65 and one Chinese Mosin Nagant. Two police cars approached one from the rear, and one from the forward direction. The two officers stepped out of their vehicles, they tall white male, Officer Skinner, had his hand on his weapon and demanded we surrender the firearms immediately, I told him I would set it onto the ground behind me, after doing so I began recording. The other officer remained cordial throughout the encounter, as he was familiar with the area, and was aware of my previous walks. Officer Skinner however maintained a mostly antagonistic attitude through the encounter. Officer skinner asked multiple erroneous questions such as if the stock on my weapon folded or not. Over all a very decent encounter it just shows that if you know your rights, and aren’t an Asshat, you can and will triumph. ~The Right Of The People To Keep And Bear Arms, Shall Not Be Infringed”