The above footage sent from News2share Co-Producer Trey Yingst shows the entrance to a Gazan hospital where injured civilians and soldiers are brought for treatment. Trey’s dispatch read: “Hundreds of injured people entered the hospital today. Many unconscious and severely hurt civilians crowded the halls of the hospital as medical workers tried to save as many as possible.”

Also taken by Yingst, the above video shows Gazan citizens in one of many marches like it. Yingst’s dispatch read: “Bodies were being carried through the streets by frustrated Gazan citizens. They picked up the bodies, yelled, and marched to express what they see as the injustice against them and to showcase the cost of war.”

Edited by Ford Fischer.
Special thanks to contributors who have been researching and helping from the United States:
Alejandro Alvarez, Greg Perlman, Danielle Green, Merdie Nicole, Laura Thompson, Lauren Elizabeth Clemence, Arun Raman