Taken by a doctor who wishes to remain anonymous at the Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza, these three photos show two patients who were injured in the conflict today. The first boy is named Qasem, and is still alive following the removal of shrapnel from his face. The second boy (seen in the third picture) did not survive. Video edited by Ford Fischer.

Contributor Laura Thompson writes:

These photos provide a brief insight to the violence caused by the Israeli-Gaza conflict, the brunt of which has been endured by civilians living in Gaza City. Israeli tanks rolled into the Gaza strip on Thursday evening, quickly escalating the Palestinian death count to over 300 as a consequence of the violence. Although gruesome, the violence depicted in these images is not a unique crisis; approximately 1 in 5 of the Palestinian victims so far have been children. 
This number will only rise so long as the violence continues—in the densely populated Gaza Strip, half of it’s 1.7 million people are under the age of 18. According to a statement released by Palestinian health official Ashraf al-Kidra provided by the Associated Press, 71 of Palestinians killed since the conflict began on July 8 have been under the age of 18. 
Many of these children were killed in their own homes; of those not immediately killed by bomb blasts, they are taken to the hospitals shown and must then rely on a hopefully safe zone and medical attention. However, this is not always guaranteed, as more and more injured civilians flood the gates of Gazan hospitals.