Submitted by Gabrielle Lamport and Neta Ayush (via contributor Arun Raman), this slideshow displays the cities of Ashdod and Givat Shmuel under fire from rockets in Hamas. So far, on the Israeli side it is reported that only two have been killed.

Lamport also sent me this video of a gas station which had been destroyed by Hamas rocket fire.

She told me:

“This is definitely not the vacation I was anticipating. Everyone in Israel, especially in the south, is basically confined to their homes lately because there have been thousands of rockets falling as well as terrorists coming in through underground tunnels. Business has definitely gone down for most places that don’t offer necessary services here because people try to stay near bomb shelters as often as possible. At first I was okay but after the failed ceasefires it’s gotten more scary, like the other day I had to stop on the side the road and huddle next to my car and watch the rockets hit nearby. Despite all this I have to say I know I’m very lucky because Israel has made it the law that every building must have a bomb shelter and we also have the Iron Dome to protect us. The innocent people of Gaza aren’t as lucky however, I try to remind myself every time I run to a bomb shelter that at least my government is working to protect me and not putting me in the line of fire like Hamas does to Palestinians. I know some people might not think it’s true but most Israelis I speak to feel essentially the same way, we realize how lucky we are to be so protected and we worry about what is happening to the innocent people who are stuck living under Hamas. As you know we just initiated our ground operation tonight, the purpose of it is to eliminate the terror tunnels which we can’t do from the air. The ground operation has worsened the morale here as everyone has at least a relative or friend or two who now has to go into Gaza, so the whole country is basically biting their nails and hoping it’s all over quickly!”