This is the third protest covered by News2share about this topic; once again Code Pink assembled many other supporters and organizations to discourage Obama from sending further support to Israel.
Filmed by Ford Fischer and Arun Raman.
Edited by Ford Fischer
Photographed by Alejandro Alvarez

They began with their typical chanting, with phrases such as “Gaza, Gaza, don’t you cry; Palestine will never die!” and “No more killing, no more hate; Israel is a racist state!”

Members of Code Pink as well as other Pro-Palestine organizations and their supporters then continued with a “Die-In” where they laid down with the names of dead Palestinians on tombstones which they kept in hand as the names were read aloud.

After participating in the “Die-In,” some activists such as Medea Benjamin (co-founder of Code Pink) and Rabbi Yiroel Dovid Weiss (anti-zionist activist) spoke to News2share about why they believe The United States must refrain from supporting Israel.

You can also see the full interviews with both activists below:

Alejandro Alvarez Photographed the event, capturing the passion of the people involved: