Contributed by Nicole Ross in Israel, this footage taken on an iPhone shows 8 Israeli rockets being fired to intercept a strike from Gaza. Nicole told me, “This is the reality in Israel today. Over 400 rockets have been fired throughout Israel in the past four days and it needs to stop… Seven out of the eight iron domes launched in this video hit the rockets shot from Gaza but the 8th rocket had a direct hit on a civilians car. Thankfully no one was hurt.”

This video shows civilians running to the nearest bomb shelter due to the impending threat of an upcoming attack.
Nicole told me: “Today, right around the time of this attack was the start of the sabbath which is important for every Jewish family. I personally was preparing Shabbat dinner with my grandmother when the alarm went off. As you see many people ran from their homes to get to the bombshelter, which by the way they only have 40 seconds, but unfortunately my grandmother cannot walk far distances and so when the alarm goes off she stays in her home which is no real protection whatsoever and I refuse to leave my grandmother alone. The alarm has gone off countless times in the past four days and many people are stuck with the same situation as my grandmother and I.
Imagine having only 40 seconds to stay alive.”
Filmed by Nicole Ross
Edited by Ford Fischer