Ed Forchion, aka “The New Jersey Weedman” and his friend Daniel Price, who both have medical marijuana licenses, attempted  to go to Washington D.C. where Forchion would be speaking at an event. While going through a security checkpoint, Price was detained for bringing his medical marijuana onto federal property where it is illegal to possess. Forchion gave us this statement afterwards:
“This is a example of The irrational war on drugs at its finest – here on the lawn of our capital citizens arrested and persecuted for a plant! This is the reason we now lead the world in the imprisoned we are not the bastion of a Freedom we once were – Return freedom to America / End the drug war.”

Filmed by Trey Yingst
Production Assistant: Wallis Neff
Edited by Ford Fischer

Additionally, Forchion discussed a recent death the Burlington County Jail in New Jersey (subject of the News2share documentary Those Who Fight) as well as how it has played into his current run for Congress.

Forchion also discussed his experience with the legal system and one of his early arrests.