This video shows, in order, all of the videos of Elliot Rodger (son of Hunger Games assistant director Peter Rodger) released via Youtube in the weeks leading up to when he killed went on a “mass murder” rampage near the University of California, Santa Barbara campus that left seven people dead, including himself, and seven others wounded.
In the videos, he detailed his increasing disdain for the world, particularly focusing on what he saw as a lack of female affection towards him. In the final clip, he specifically discusses the crime he later carried out.
This complete video was assembled, entirely unabridged, from the contents of Elliot Rodger’s Youtube page. News2share in no way claims ownership or association with these videos, but wanted the public to see them in their complete form to better understand the mass murder that occurred.
Warning: the language and content of this video may be disturbing to some viewers.