Three days before his sentencing, Ford Fischer wanted to give Adam Kokesh, a Libertarian Activist charged for crimes relating to a gun rights protest, a chance to speak for himself. While many members of the media may report on him and speculate, Fischer gave him a chance to speak directly to his audience and describe himself, his action and his ideals.
With word about the interview going around, he was contacted by Liberty Movement Radio who wanted him to appear on their radio station to discuss Mr. Kokesh’s story. He appeared on the shows “Post Politics” and “Journalistic Revolution” both which can be listened to below the video window. With the increased attention the video was shared over 3000 times and ultimately ended up on CNN’s homepage on the day of his sentencing. Interview and Editing by Ford Fischer. Filmed by Trey Yingst.

Download Post Politics Episode Here
Download Journalistic Revolution Episode Here