Mission Statement

News2Share (N2S) is an online media outlet based in Washington D.C. In addition to providing objective and engaging content to our viewers, we strive to provide useful footage that can be integrated onto other news networks. Our quality coverage of current events spans from local and national politics to international conflict.

About Us

New2share was founded by Ford Fischer and Trey Yingst, broadcast entrepreneurs with extensive video production experience on behalf of media groups such as as Fox, ABC, CNN, and NBC. In addition to original reports by our journalists, News2Share accepts submissions that can be integrated into different stories. If you are an independent journalist or just a bystander when news is happening, click the “submissions” tab above and send us your videos/photos. Check out our “in the media” tab above for just a few examples of News2share’s reach across the web.

Ford Fischer is an independent videographer, editor, and Computer Scientist/web designer. He has filmed and edited for live and pre-recorded broadcasts in a variety of styles including narratives, documentary, interviews, marketing, athletic events, and news. For several years, Ford has been a leading political, sports and human interest contributor for a variety of smaller news stations. Ford is also an instructor at American University Library’s New Media Center where he teaches and consults on multimedia projects including video editing, HTML/CSS, graphic design and more. For News2share, he works as the web designer and one of two lead producers, filming and editing content as well as managing submissions. You can email Ford at fordfischer@news2share.com.



Trey Yingst is a reporter and videographer based in Washington, D.C.. He has contributed to CNN, ABC, NBC, and many other networks in addition to providing frequent commentary for BBC World, HLN and CTV News.  Furthermore, Yingst co-founded News2Share.com and reports from the White House when he is not traveling abroad. His recent assignments include Baltimore, Ferguson, Gaza, Uganda and Ukraine. You can email Trey at treyyingst@news2share.com.



Contributor Jon-Christopher Bua is a Member of The White House Press Corps, White House Commentator & US Political Analyst who also contributes to The Huffington Post UK by way of his Analysis Blogs. For several years working for Sky News “JC” was US Executive Guest Producer, White House Commentator, and US Political Analyst providing on air analysis and insights from Washington, London and across America on a variety of breaking news stories which included the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the 2004-2012 US Presidential Elections and many international crises.


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