WASHINGTON DC- Ward 8C ANC commissioner and Chairperson, Mary Cuthbert, assaulted a resident of Ward 8 on Monday night during a public meeting. While discussing the “Wheeler Renaissance Development” project, Karlene Armstead, a commissioner in Ward 8E, left the meeting in an attempt to disrupt quorum, so that a vote could not take place. As she left, one of her supports, Joseph Johnson, got into a verbal altercation with Cuthbert about whether or not quorum was affected. As the verbal altercation continued, Commissioner Cuthbert said “I’m going to knock your little a** back where you belong you little motherf*****…Who you gon’ f*** with?” and then pushed Johnson.

DC Metro Police separated the Cuthbert and Johnson. Following the scuffle, a DC Metro Police officer confirmed that Cuthbert will be receiving an arrest warrant for the assault that took place.

In an interview after the altercation, Cuthbert said she was “ready to kill his little a**.”