Protestors assembled on August 14th in Washington DC at Malcolm X Park to protest and show solidarity for the police shooting of unarmed teen Michael Brown in Ferguson. Ferguson has been in the national spotlight as violence erupted in the protests the night before, but with the local police called off and highway patrol now in charge, the violence has largely subsided, and peaceful protests take place throughout the country. Submitted by McKinnon de Kuyper, this video shows a number of the protestors expressing their concerns about race, authority, and violence:

One speech in particular stood out which separated “the system” of racism from a population of good-willed individuals:

The event overall had a theme of peace and nonviolent triumphant, as particularly characterized by the scene of four protestors who expressed their anguish and desire for change through song. They managed to amass quite an audience, and even got them to join in:

However, not all at the protest was perfectly peaceful in theme. One member of Anonymous (who wished for his voice to be obscured to protect his identity) warned that “there’s always bloodshed” when people decide to fight back:

One other protestor infused frustration among his audience by proclaiming that religion itself is a racist institution, quoting the bible to claim that Christianity is responsible for an unequal system for various races in America:

Overall, however, the protest remained civil with no arrests made, and when it began to disassemble, some protestors decided to march to make their voices heard elsewhere:

As all of this was going on, back in Ferguson, protestors also took to the streets for a second night. This time, they were met with non-militarized police, and had a far less intense or violent venue for expressing their outrage:

First two videos were filmed by McKinnon de Kuyper, the next four filmed by Ford Fischer, and the last video filmed by an activist calling himself Haiku Unsung Hero. All were edited by Fischer