This short documentary briefly details the events surrounding the death of Robert Taylor, an elderly homeless man who died in December 2013 in the Burlington County Jail in New Jersey. The county has stated they did nothing wrong, but there are those who believe Mr. Taylor was neglected to death. In particular, Sean Turzanski, a former inmate who was in the cell next door to Taylor, speaks about what he saw and why he is now fighting for further investigation.

We will be releasing a feature version of this documentary later this summer. It will include further interviews including legal experts as well as Ed Forchion, aka “The New Jersey Weedman” who was instrumental in initially releasing this story to the public while Mr. Turzanski was still at the jail.

Filmed and Produced by Ford Fischer and Trey Yingst

Edited by Ford Fischer

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Below is a trailer for the the feature documentary:

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Those Who Fight – Trailer